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My latest craze is Football Fever, where I go into a frenzy with my football, which is just too big for me to bite and explode like all my other ones. I can head, pull, dribble and do flying and sliding tackles. You can’t film me doing it as I’m too quick. Plus I couldn’t play for England as I would show them up.


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owen_on_a_tree Hi.  I’m Owen Parsnip and this is me hanging from a tree, which can be highly dangerous work. But that’s nothing compared with the truly scary and worrying adventures in my book THE DOG REVOLUTION.  You can read all about me and my dog friends sending really exciting messages to each other in pee-mail, which is our way of instant messaging, and find out what happened to us when we were all put under the spell of our great leader – Dog Marks, the Czar of Dogdom!  He wanted to rule the world with an iron paw but it didn’t turn out quite how he expected, and I nearly lost my Ownie and my toys and grub and everything.  Whew!  What a story. Visit my page and find out more